AOL and Google have announced today that they will extend their search agreement for another five-years. They are not only continuing their partnership, but also upgrading it for more features and enhancements. Google will not only provide search technology and search advertising for AOL, but will also include improved search products, global search, mobile search and also video distribution through YouTube.

The original deal between the two was set to expire on December 19th. This allowed AOL to shop around for possible new partners to power their search.

One was Microsoft, who were especially interested in providing AOL with their Bing search services.  Since announcing Bing, Microsoft has managed to make a dent in Google’s share of the search market this includes their partnership with Yahoo.

It is going to be interesting to see how the search landscape plays out over the next few months.  Google is still the king of the hill and although Microsoft is giving a valiant effort, will it ever be enough to dethrone the search king?

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