In case you didn’t know a lot of work goes into a building a website. Even more work goes into building a successful website. Even then once you have the website built, is it going to be found on Google or the other search engines?

Often, the simplest things that can help a website get found on the search engines are neglected because of the immense amount of work that needs to be done. For instance, a lot of sites don’t use ALT tags for their images. What is an ALT tag you ask? Craig's ALT tag

Well, scroll your mouse over the image to your right. You see that little box of text come up that reads “Example of an ALT tag”? Well, that is the ALT tag for that image. In the video below I will further explain the use of ALT tags and why there are important to include with your images on your website.

I hope this video was helpful. Feel free to leave your comments below and stay tuned for future tips and pointers from the TM staff.

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