Yahoo recently announced they have begun to roll out a new search design that is thought to help users personally with relevant topics. They are testing combining the Yahoo Homepage and the search results page for a better and relevant personal experience and including richer search results from a specific topic. They are also including effortless access to various Yahoo search features including Search Pad, Search Scan and Safe Search. Yahoo is choosing U.S. visitors at random to test out the new Yahoo! Search Results and will continue to add new features throughout this testing period.

According to the Yahoo Search Blog, “Our search assistance features are still the most sophisticated query assistance technologies on the web”. But the fact remains that Google has long offered personalized results that outdistance Yahoo.

Everyone is wondering how this will affect the Microsoft-Yahoo deal. According to Yahoo, they will innovate on the front end and on how the information is displayed to users and personalize based on the data Yahoo has. Bing will be responsible for the backend gathering of web pages.

Yahoo’s ultimate goal with all of these changes is to help users get things done quickly on the Web and is an example of how Yahoo will differentiate its search once it starts using Bing results.

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