Did you know that there is a 21% greater chance that someone will say the word f@#k online rather than the word s#*t? I’ll get to that in a minute but let’s talk about CurseBird, SEO and Link Baiting.

SEO. Search engine optimization is the process in which SEO’s (as they are called) get a website or a web page indexed and ranked high in search engines. Usually, more often than not, it is for a specific word or keyword phrase.

How do SEO’s do this? There are a number of ways and no particular one is a single kill. They all must work in harmony and mainly a lot of them involve gaining backlinks to your website or page. And the more backlinks you get, the better. It’s not a science and in the end you are at the will of the search engines, however over the past 10 years I have not seen many ranking algorithms deter from relying heavily on backlinks.

So how do you get backlinks? Here is a great example – make use of your time and build a website that is  useful to look at for a few minute or a tool that people will privately look at, laugh and probably pass to their friends. They may even blog about it and place a link to the site in their blog, just like this.

Yeah, click it. I know you want to.

That is a backlink to the website CurseBird: a Twitter waterfall site for “tweeters” that swear on Twitter. It’s a brilliant use of the Twitter software API and will surely receive many backlinks because of the “sticky-ness” of the site. Its almost a private pleasure to go there and see if you show up, and then go to a Twitter account (not yours of course!?#@) and swear to see yourself show up in the waterfall of swear-tweets. It’s like looking up at the big screen at the ballgame to see yourself waving.

Then you stop and think how dumb you’re acting and that 1.8 million people just witnessed your stupidity.

So yeah, take a look at CurseBird and see why I gave them a backlink and used them as an example. You know you want to. And that’s a part of SEO!

Now, I won’t go far with this but you can do the quick math. If the developer, Richard Henry, was to start having 2,500 people a day on average visit the site. Let’s say that there was a gradual 1-3% increase of daily visitors each day for 3 months (90 days)- because of backlinks (they keep increasing, social media links from FaceBook, MySpace and other Tweets). Mr Henry then puts up small ads that pay a CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) on the left side of the site that pay $4.00/CPM.

Based off of the equation, how much money would he make by people visiting the site over that period of time? First person with the correct answer here win’s $25 cash via PayPal.

That is making money online with SEO and backlinks, to bring traffic to a website and monitizing that traffic. All with a little help of people taking a quick peek to see what all the rave is about.

One response to “What is Link Bait & Why Do You Care?

Posted by Richard Henry

Actually, Cursebird proves a great portfolio piece and I’m making quite a lot more through work references. But thanks for the inspirational article. Richard

Posted on April 10, 2009 at 10:48 am

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