That’s right, the tubes are filled. comScore recently reported that there are now 1 billion people using the internet. That’s people aged 15 years old and older using computers at home and work. I’m not quite sure how they gather their data, and my quick 2 and a half minute google session yielded me no answers, but I’m guessing they gather data based on ISP data, which could be quite wrong. Assuming I am one person with one internet account, but there are 4 people that use the internet in my household, that’s a big difference in numbers, and gets exponentially larger the more data there is.

But all that aside, that is the official news. There are 1 billion people on the internet. It’s quite a landmark really. According to people who have somewhat valid opinions on the matter, the landmark of 2 billion users will come at a fraction of the speed that it took the internet to gain 1 billion. And of course, 3 billion will take less than 2 billion. I guess the internet is like a snowball effect now!

At any rate, here’s the numbers for you all to enjoy. What really makes me curious is that North America is 3rd in the list of continents. Of course we can assume Asia will have more since they have a substantially higher population overall than anywhere else. But Europe having more than North America definitely took me by surprise. What is it you Europeans are doing so awesome?

China: 179.7 million
United States: 163.3 million
Japan: 60.0 million
Germany: 37.0 million
United Kingdom: 36.7 million
France: 34.0 million
India: 32.1 million
Russia: 29.0 million
Brazil: 27.7 million
South Korea: 27.3 million
Canada: 21.8 million
Italy: 20.8 million
Spain: 17.9 million
Mexico: 12.5 million
Netherlands: 11.8 million

Asia Pacific: 416 million (41.3%)
Europe: 283 million (28.0%)
North America: 185 million (18.4%)
Latin America: 75 million (7.4%)
Middle East & Africa: 49 million (4.8%)

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Maybe they used a service provided by

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