In the 2nd part of SEO Best Practices we will be discussing the use of Alt text with images, the use of the Meta Keywords tag, Parameter Driven URLs, the Usefulness of Footer Links & the use of Javascript & Flash.

SEOmoz recommends including alt text for all images on all publicly accessible pages. It is also suggests adding images with good alt text to pages targeting competitive rankings. There are 2 reasons for this. One reason is that everyone (even people with limitations) should be able to use the internet. The second reason is that alt tags have proven to have a larger impact on rankings, than once thought. While, there is not specific information supporting this as an exact cause, it is recommended to use good alt text for pages ranking for competitive searches.

The use of the Meta Keywords tag can be useful in page rank. Previously SEOmoz did not recommend using Meta Keywords tags because they were abused in the beginning of the internet and just a way “for competitors to automate the process of competitive analysis.” After conducting some tests it seems that Meta Tags play a minor role in Yahoo! page ranking. It is believed that Google & Bing ignore this tag, and that it does not play a significant role. For now it has not shown to have a large enough impact on page ranking, so it is not an area that anyone should be too concerned about.

Another SEO Best Practice suggestion is to only use Parameter Driven URLs ( if they are necessary for your site. It is recommended only to use 2 parameters. The search engines have stated how it is much more difficult to crawl parameter driven URLs and how this frequently leads to duplicate content issues. There is correlation data to back this up. The data also shows that pages with static URLS tend to rank higher.

It is also recommended to use footer links sparingly. No more than 25 relevant internal navigational links. There have been examples of Google penalties linked to abusive footer links, which are easily detected and have automated penalties.

It is not recommended to use Javascript or Flash for any navigation important to search engines. It is much more beneficial to use HTML code than to use Javascript or Flash, because they are more difficult for crawlers to read and could lead to a lower page ranking.

This concludes the part 2 of SEO Best Practices. Stay tuned for the 3rd part later this week!

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