There are a lot of helpful tips out there about what the best SEO techniques are. In order to not overload you with too much information all at once, we have decided to break this up into parts. In this first part we will go over the best practices for the Title Tag, The H1 Tag and how useful the nofollow and canonical tags are for your website. We have outlined this information for you based on an article from SEOmoz.

The Title Tag format is a very critical area for search engines. If you want to beat out your competition it is essential for you to put your most important keyword(s) in the beginning of the tag. This is important because it is the first thing the search engine will read. If you are competing for a less competitive term, it may be more beneficial for you to put your brand name first.

Research has shown that H1 tags are not as critical in determining your rank status as most internet savvy experts once thought. It is still a good idea to include it in your HTML to help determine the most important information, etc, but it has not been proven to have a significant impact on SEO.

It is recommended to use the rel=nofollow tag to block out spammers and create an incentive for active users. SEOmoz does not recommend using nofollow for PageRank sculpting anymore since the announcement from Matt Cutts. The nofollow tag is still useful in preventing spam, which was the original intent, but no longer useful in determining information architecture.

The Canonical Tag is a fairly new tag, and has not proven to have a dramatic effect on duplicate content thus far. When anything new like the Canonical Tag is introduced it takes some time to measure the actual effects. SEOmoz suggests that the search engines are probably still working out the problems. The Canocial Tag is meant to deplete juice like 301 redirects, but it is still too early to know how important it is for SEO.

This concludes the first part of SEO Best Practices.

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