Here at Trademark, I’m responsible for the Monthly Clients.  Meaning I make sure our clients who have a monthly package with us are happy and that their sites are up to date.  Not sure what I’m talking about when I say Monthly Client? Click here to find out. But it’s my job to come up with creative solutions to problems these particular clients might have, or find out how we here at TM can take their website to the next level, and get it generate our clients a good ROI.  Each day I’m talking to our Monthly Clients and working on their sites, lucky for me, they’re some of the nicest people I know.

Now, the bosses at TM (like any bosses in any industry) are just happy we have clients who want our services.  I’m happy that the clients are great people, especially since I have to deal with them every day, like I said.

Here’s just a few of our great Monthly Clients:
POAM – Police Officer’s Association of Michigan: PUT YOUR HANDS UP! Just kidding, but these are the guys who help cops behind the scenes, check out their great site.

DSC – Dealer Supply Company: Looking for some awesome auto, boat or motorcycle dealer supplies? These folks are the nicest people around, they’ll help you get what you’re looking for and they were the originals!  Over 75 years in business!

Flame Furnace: Did your Furnace break? Call Flame Furnace immediately, they’ll be out there in a jiffy!

HLS – Heartland Steaks: MMMMMHHHMMMM! Looking for some delicious steaks? This is the place, they’re absolutely yummy!

Screamers Costumes: AAAAAHHHHHHHHH SCARY! Select a costume to scare the neighborhood kids or some costume accessories from Screamers Costumes.

fG – foneGEAR: In need of a case for you phone, laptop, or GPS device? foneGEAR will have what you’re looking for.

RFC – Recycling for Charities: Got a bunch of old electronics like cell phones or pagers sitting around? Donate them to a great charity.  Plus, they have a smart car!

UGS – United Global Sourcing: If importing, exporting or prototyping is what you need, UGS are your people. They can help you get started with your great new product or idea!

MBA – Macomb Bankruptcy Attorney: Hopefully you’re never in need of these services, but if you are, check out Macomb Bankruptcy Attorney.  They’ll get you sorted out and back on track.

TEAM – Team Cleaning Solutions: If it’s kind of icky and dirty, hire TEAM for the job, they’ll take care of it for you!

Elder Automotive Group: VROOM VROOM! Looking for a new car? Elder Automotive has it all, from high class Jaguars and Land Rovers, to pre-owned cars for the rest of us. Check’em out.

These fine folks make my day to day job a pleasant task.  And if you’re interested in joining the elite club of TM’s Monthly Clients, give us a call, or fill out our nifty contact form, and we can see what plans fit you best.  Happy holidays!

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