Listen, I have come across a great toolbar for SEO’s of all levels. Many of my clients and friends ask countless questions about researching keywords, does it have a DMOZ listing, what type of traffic the site gets, how is it ranked, is there a value of my blog if I were to sell, etc. etc. The types of questions are amazing, and me being the helping guy I am, I always find myself taking the time to do the research and send them the answers. Not to mention all the time in the office I spend sitting with people and analyzing their sites together. Phew! (if I could get those hours back…)

Let me introduce to you the SEO Toolbar from Mr. Aaron Wall, the speaker, famous writer of SEO Book and friend in the industry with LinkXL. SEO is a leading SEO blog by Aaron covering the search space. It offers marketing tips, search analysis, and whatever random rants come to mind.  He just completed and released an impressive toolbar for our favorite browser, Firefox, for free. All this research and data at our fingertips for free kids. Amazing!

SEO Toolbar Logo

What the hell is an SEO Tool Bar you ask? Well with the help of Mr. Wall’s post over at SEO Book Tools, we will help get you up and researching in no time.

Do you want to know why Google or Yahoo! ranks pages? If so, this is the Firefox extension for you. The SEO Toolbar pulls in many useful marketing data points to make it easy get a holistic view of the competitive landscape of a market directly in the search results.

Get the SEO Toolbar for FireFox

You have to be using Firefox to get this to work. If you have not yet used Firefox go download Firefox, and then come back to this page using Firefox as your web browser.

The SEO Toolbar Theory

Managing SEO online is getting more complex, and it is requiring more effort to keep up with the changes. There are a ton of tools being released. Some are free,  and some are not. The idea of the SEO Toolbar was to put the best competitive research data and the best SEO research tools at your fingertips – free of charge. (Thank You Mr. Wall!)

The SEO Toolbar was designed to make it easier to evaluate how strong a competing website is, pulling in many useful marketing data points to make it easy to get a more holistic view of the competitive landscape of a market right from your browser. The toolbar also provides links to the data sources, so you can dig deeper into the data.

SEO Toolbar Features

SEO Toolbar Features

While surfing the internet, the SEO Toolbar pulls useful market research data right into your browser, including:

Link Information

  • Links: (Yahoo! linkdomain) shows a rough estimate of the total number of links pointing at a domain
  • Page Links: (Yahoo! link) shows a rough estimate of the total number of links pointing at a page

Under the advanced information button you can also see details like

  • Unique linking domains: this comes from the fine folks at Majestic SEO
  • .edu Link: (Yahoo! .edu linkdomain ) shows a rough estimate of the total number of .edu links pointing at a domain
  • .edu Page Link: (Yahoo! .edu link ) shows a rough estimate of the total number of .edu links pointing at a specific page
  • .gov Link: (Yahoo! .gov linkdomain ) shows a rough estimate of the total number of .gov links pointing at a domain

Directory Information

  • Dmoz: searches the Google Directory to count the total number of pages from a site that are listed in DMOZ, and the total number of pages listed in DMOZ that reference that URL.
  • is a site listed in the Yahoo! Directory or not
  • BOTW: is a site listed in the BOTW Directory or not

Other Competitive Details

  • PR: (Google PageRank) an estimated measure of global link authority, made popular by Google
  • Age: age pulled from, shows the first time a page was indexed by’s spider. (when it works) The theory is that if found a page so did many of the major search engines.

Advanced Information Button

Clicking on the advanced information button allows you to bring up a lot of SEO related details, including

  • Site background information
  • Site links
  • Page links
  • Directory listings
  • Traffic estimates
  • Social media information from popular social bookmarking and social news sites

And you can easily export all this data. (Thanks again Mr. Wall – great feature for free!)

SEO Toolbar Export Feature

Competitive Research

The “competition” button provides links to a variety of competitive research tools, including…

  • Google Trends for Websites
  • Quantcast
  • SEM Rush

Additional tools/features…

  • IP address: IP address of the host
  • Search for sites on the same IP address: search Live Search based on IP address
  • Whois data: find out who owns, runs a particular web site
  • Server header checker: is a link being 301 redirected? 302 redirected? how many jumps are there? find out using this tool (you may need to use it combined with the user agent switcher on some complex dynamic sites)
  • User agent switcher: change your user agent to detect how bots see a page or site (may require clearing cookies and restarting browser)

SEO Toolbar User Agent

Highlight nofollow links. You can turn this on or off with the click of a button…this button
(This helps you when trying to determine what type of links a site has on it when you are considering buying links at a broker like LinkXL)

Rank Checker

Aaron is known for his popular tool called Rank Checker. Most SEO’s like being able to check their rankings real quickly without worrying that some SEO company is aggregating my data and/or spying on me. This tool is open source and hosted on your computer – designed with privacy in mind.

Well now it is available as a part of the SEO Toolbar.

SEO Toolbar Rank Checker


Aaron built in his popular on page SEO analysis tool – SEO Xray. This allows you to look at things like on page headings, internal links, external links, and gives you access to our keyword density analysis tool.

SEO Toolbar X-Ray

Keyword Research Tools

I swear that this is not a paid listing – it’s just “that” good of a toolbar for SEO data and research. Want access to keyword research tools right from your browser? Aaron’s SEO Toolbar allows you to select your favorite tools from a list of a dozen different keyword tools! Simply put a check mark next to the ones you like, then enter your keyword into the search box and you will see a number of tabs open, with 1 keyword tool in each tab.

SEO Toolbar Research

Aaron also links to his keyword density analyzer, keyword list generator, and keyword list cleaner at the bottom of this menu.

SEO Toolbar Highlight

The highlighter between the book and the green globe allows you to highlight keywords that appear on a page.

The green globe next to the search box allows you to search for answers to your SEO questions. Also, anytime you have an SEO question (if TM cannot help…) you can search the site, as Aaron is likely to have answered most SEO questions at one point in time.

Feed Reader

Aaron also also built a feed reader directly into the toolbar, pre-populated with a bunch of great SEO blogs. You can delete any of these blogs from the list, and you can easily add any blogs you want to subscribe to.

SEO Toolbar Feedreader

Compare Two Web Sites

Want to compare 2 or more websites? We allow you to compare up to 5 at a time. Just click on the comparison button. Then double click in the URL box you want to add a site profile to. Proceed to the next box until you have listed up to 5 sites.

When you are done entering sites, click the get data button in the lower left corner. Once the data is pulled in you can

  • compare it within the window
  • click on any datapoint to go to the source
  • export the data to a CSV file

SEO Toolbar Compare Web Sites

There is just soooo much data that this toolbar gives to any SEO of any level, that I don’t have the time to explain it all. From Compete rank to SEMRush traffic, listings in DMOZ and BOTW, AdWords keyword tools to other suggestion tools Aaron sure covered a ton of research data. And did I mention it is a FireFox plug-in that is free?

This toolbar deserves all the backlinks it gets. Super-useful tool for everyone involved in online marketing. I applaud you Mr. Wall!

Get Aaron’s FREE SEO Toolbar for FireFox here.

2 responses to “Must-have SEO Toolbar for FireFox

Posted by lminnik

Well maybe something like SEMRush is the tool for you. Enter a domain and it will give you the domain’s approximate search budget along with targeted key phrases.

It’s invaluable information when scoping out competitors.

Posted on March 27, 2009 at 8:14 am

Posted by DZ

Thanks, yes the SEOToolbar also has a option for SEMRush data as well.

Posted on March 27, 2009 at 8:29 am

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