It was announced this morning that Yahoo! and Microsoft have signed a deal to join forces for online search to try to beat, or at least make a dent in Google’s massive search market share.  So what does the Yahoo and Microsoft deal mean to you and why should you care?

Microsoft recently released it’s new search engine, Bing.  Bing is being touted as the new generation of search engine, that they are calling a “decision engine”.  To be honest, I haven’t used Bing a whole lot because I’m generally unimpressed with Microsoft’s products.  I have heard some feedback that it’s hard to find what you’re looking for sometimes, but maybe these are glitches that Microsoft will work out over time.

With the Yahoo and Microsoft deal, it has been announced that Yahoo will begin to use Microsoft’s Bing engine for it’s internet search.  In return, Yahoo is going to be able to keep 88% of all paid advertising revenue for the first five years of the deal (it’s a 10 year deal) and Yahoo will also have the rights to advertise on some of Microsoft’s websites.

So now it appears that we only have two major search engine algorithms to worry about.  Google which has always been in the forefront and Bing which will be running and Yahoo Search.

Is this going to hurt your online presence?  If you’re one of our clients, probably not.  If anything it should make our job a little easier and help us rank you a little bit better.  But from what I understand about Bing, this reinforces the need for you to have good relevant content on your website and continue to build up your authority with a good linking strategy.

Yahoo search has been going down hill for years and MSN Search was garbage.  But together, they may have found a winner with Bing.  Will they beat Google?  Probably not.  But they may change the game just enough to get us to pay attention to Microsoft for once.

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