Many businesses have difficulty with search engine optimization (SEO) for the local markets even though the right keywords are being targeted.  Usually there are a couple significant obstacles that they need to overcome.

When local businesses start doing SEO, many of them just go with whatever an online keyword tool or SEO expert suggests. While this can be a good starting point it should not stop there.  There is usually confusion and sometimes brings in global traffic.  If this happens, your business offers and products will be shown to a larger service area that you may not want.

Here are the obstacles faced:

– Targeted local keywords aren’t used and this will lower your ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs) locally.  Localized keywords can bring in regular organic traffic.  Don’t think that Internet marketing methods are completely different than other traditional advertising methods. They are just more trackable.

– SEO in local markets isn’t a marketing method, but an advanced local method of optimizing sites locally.  Consider that your SEO agency may not know the ins and outs of your target market like you, so you may need more local resources to those specific areas.

What is Local Market SEO?  These items can help you to engage in local market SEO.

– Target keywords are localized; meaning prefixing or suffixing local terms, cities, area names, or zip codes with target keywords.  Like pet stores Ferndale, Michigan and not just “pet stores”.

– You submit your site to local search engines, directories, or yellow pages online. Try to do as many free ones as possible.

– Consider the paid listing in Yahoo Directory for $299/year. It can be worth the value.

– Your mailing address, street address, and zip code are shown.  When your site gets indexed, these words will be an important part of the content.

– Get your business on Google’s and Yahoo’s local maps.

– Try trading links and banners with other local businesses to get new business. Sponsor a local charity and get your banner or name & address on their website pointing to yours. A small donation could give you a high quality link.

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