Do you believe everything you see and hear online? A recent hoax by a German television station, RTL, may make you question the information you find on the internet.

The video from RTL featured Michael Jackson walking out of the coroner’s van alive. The hoax video was meant to be an experiment to demonstrate how easy it is to spread rumors online. The experiment resulted in more than 880,000 views of the most popular version on YouTube. There have been mixed reviews about whether or not this experiment was necessary, but it just a reminder that people can post anything online and it can become an instant phenomena, even if the information is untrue.
Michael Jackson

In a matter of minutes people can find out information and spread it to their friends or followers on various media outlets. Since anyone can say whatever they want online, it makes it very easy to manipulate the public and persuade people to think a certain way or believe specific information. Rumors can start to take a life of their own regardless of their accuracy.

This raises concern about what sources people can trust to give accurate information online. Unfortunately there is not a guaranteed way to prove that that any information distributed online is 100% accurate, but a good rule to follow is to always check multiple sources for information. Just like visiting doctor, it is always good to get a second or third opinion. It is very easy to create fake video images and write articles that are completely untrue. If you question whether or not something you hear or see online is real, most likely it is not real.

This is simply a reminder to be extra cautious about anything you read or see online. At TM we want to provide you with the most accurate information we can find. For this reason, we check multiple sources before releasing any news and events we hear about that may affect your business.

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