It was announced this week that Google Adsense plans to offer publishers the opportunity to generate more revenue by allowing multiple Google certified ad networks to compete for website ad space. Adsense publishers will profit from this program because it will help them generate the most profit for every advertisement that shows up on their website, while advertisers will be required to compete for the ad space they want. Google Adsense states that the 2 main objectives for this update are to enhance their program and maximize their advertising potential.

“We’re dedicated to providing users with a positive experience, while helping publishers effectively monetize the ads appearing on their sites. We believe you’ll find that more competition translates into better ads and increased revenue in the long run,” states Google.

Google Adsense
Over a year ago Google Adsense began to accepting display ads served from qualified third-party vendors. The purpose was to help increase the number of display ads competing on Adsense Publisher sites. The new program from Google Adwords will allow participating advertising networks to bid in their auction to appear on Adsense sites.

The Google Ad network is designed to “connect advertisers with publishers, provide access to additional inventory not currently available with Google Adsense and adhere to Google’s standards for user policy, Ad quality and speed.” The network consists of ad agencies and companies that partner with advertisers and publishers to buy and sell ads on sites they do not own.

The new Google Adsense will help publishers generate the most profit from all ads that appear on their site, whether the ad comes from Adwords advertisers or Google certified ad networks. “Publishers will have control over which networks can show ads on their  pages they can choose to opt out of receiving ads from specific networks, or all networks completely,” according to Google.

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