Social media has become one of the newest and most effective ways for companies to get the word out about their brand to their viewers, customers, fans, etcetera. More and more companies are using social networking websites, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, among others, to reach out to a certain demographic of individuals. While some social media websites are more valuable to companies than others, Chitika, a search-targeted advertising network, found that one leads the way in driving repeat readers to content websites.

In the month of September, Chitika found that 20% of all Facebook users visited the website four or more times per week, and are considered to be loyal users. While the loyal traffic of Facebook was compared to that of Twitter, Bing, Digg, Google, Yahoo, all major traffic sources, there are certain reasons why the social networking website is leading the way. WebProNews  writer, Chris Crum, is more than aware of how Facebook is used to create a brand following.

“When a Facebook user frequently checks for status updates, he/she is likely to see new posts made from Facebook Pages he/she is subscribed to.This means creating a Facebook page can have a great effect on page owners. Making readers aware of the page is key as well. Luckily, Facebook has a widget called the Fan box that you can put on your site, which can lead new visitors directly to your Facebook page. Facebook has also just updated another important widget – the share button. Now it will provide a live count of shares, as well as analytical information. You can find out how people are sharing and engaging with your content, and gain further insight into how your stuff is doing with the Facebook community (and adjust your strategy accordingly).”

Companies, like that of Budweiser, have discovered the benefits of branding through social media and networking, and are reaping the rewards through a very strong and large fan base. Because Budweiser wanted to use Facebook as an outlet to gain a following, they had clear-cut objectives with what they wanted to accomplish while a part of the popular social networking and media website. 1. Create brand awareness through a strong fan base and social channel opt-ins, 2. Incentivize users to engage with the brand on a regular basis, and 3. Convert new customers and drive increase in sales.

Each company and business has their own demographic they want to reach, and methods on how they want to utilize social media into their own plans. If your company wants to use social media as an avenue and way to broadcast your brand effectively, Metro Detroit’s Trademark Productions is here to show you how a website like Facebook can help get the brand loyalty you want and deserve.

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