From PubCon Las Vegas!  On day one, my third session was regarding Ecommerce & Shopping Cart Optimization.  I attended this session last year as well and came back for some more this year.  There were some fresh faces presenting this year and it’s always good to hear people reinforcing what we tell our clients and to get some other views on optimizing an online shopping cart from people that have done it first hand….from the “clients” perspective.

First up was Shari McConahay from Extreme Halloween, Inc.  She and her family have a network of 13 costume websites and it was great to hear how her company has generated content and driven sales to their business on a shoe-string budget.  She has engaged in several low cost campaigns including maintaining her own company blog, making videos of her products for cheap, using “Mommy Blogs” for contests and of course, Social Media.

She reinforced many things that we tell to our ecommerce clients, and unfortunately, they seldom do.  If you’re on a low budget, that doesn’t mean that your Ecommerce website has to suffer.  She’s effectively run her ecommmerce blog and talked about all the right things and in the right proportion.  She’s utilized internet software suites to create videos of her products and run contests on Mommy Blogs for her customers to win the chance for matching costumes for them and their kids.  Shari is a very smart lady and is doing everything right.   People like Shari make me wish that all ecommerce “clients” were created equal.

Next up was Paul Boisvert, the Lead Product Manager from Yahoo! Merchant Solutions.  He also reinforced a lot of things that we’ve been telling our clients for years and some of his analogies were hilarious.

Paul discussed the importance of paying attention to detail.  Proofreading your site’s content, large buttons and the right images on your site.  He also encouraged the audience to get back to basics, not to “fear the phone” and how to properly use product cross selling on their stores.  A very good presentation.

Paul also reinforced the need for good data mining and carefully reviewing the relationship between your customers, your orders and your products.  Knowing how these three interact with each other and making your decisions based on the numbers and not your personal feelings.  I know far too many people that make changes to their site based on what they think they should be doing….and not what analytics and their reporting features in their store are telling them to do.

Next up was Rob Snell from Gun Dog.  I saw him speak last year as well at PubCon and this dude’s got it down.  He has great techniques for generating content for his ecommerce products and site from just about anything.  If you want to see how things should be done…check out his website.

I loved this session, just as I did last year.   There are a lot of mistakes that ecommerce and shopping cart owners make and we love teaching people how to make things right.  I wish that some of the people we know would take us up on that offer. (hint, hint).  If you would like us to review your ecommerce website or online shopping cart, please contact us.  We’ve got lots of knowledge to give and can help you make your e-commerce site convert in no time.

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