If you searched for  “Average Time Spent”on Google, you will notice that “Average Time Spent on Facebook” is the third option down on the list. So what does that tell us? Basically, that the world has been taken over by social media. But is this a bad thing? Heck no!

Why is this important to you? This means that getting on social sites like Facebook and Twitter can increase your online traffic. People now expect to see advertisements on social networking sites. Consumers thrive on connecting and communicating and this is what makes the process such a success.

Businesses are seeing drastic results because of social sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. According to Neilsen, a site specially created for ranking, the time spent on social networking and blogging sites accounted for 17 percent of all time spent on the Internet in August 2009.

People are always on the internet and that 17 percent of time spent on social networking sites can help your business grow. Just one click can increase traffic to your business site because of a Twit pic or a Facebook status.

In January, people in the age demographic of 25-50 spent about 31/2 hours on Facebook. It’s no wonder why advertisers choose to advertise on the internet.

“In the past, advertisers had significant concerns with social media advertising,” said Vice President, Media and Agency Insights Jon Gibs. “The considerable increases we’ve seen in ad spending over the past year suggest that many of these concerns have subsided or been addressed.”

Since more and more businesses are investing in social media advertising, the concerns about participating with these sites should decrease over time and more companies will want to get involved. If your company is not involved in social media yet, do not hesitate to ask TM how you can start.

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