Over time, the same set of common problems present themselves in the SEO field.  One prominent problem that occurs is the disconnect between the person in charge of SEO and the actual developers.  The source of this disconnect is often the lack of specific technical knowledge that the individual in charge has. Having no understanding of the technical aspects of the website you are marketing and no relationship with IT is nothing, but a great opportunity for bad communication and bad SEO implementation.

SEO vs. Developers
Even for the “technically challenged,” implementing SEO on your website is much easier than one would think.  Most larger e-commerce sites are produced from a surprisingly small collection of templates that are often populated on the fly with requested information from a database.  Typically, this information includes product name, image, description, price, etc.  This information is simply inserted into the proper place in the template, and a nicely laid out page is produced.  An example:

<div id="ProductDetails">
<p class="prices">$fullprice</p>


This little bit of code is part of a larger template.  Outside of the variable, you can see the HTML that determines the layout of the page.  The product name in this case will be wrapped with an H1 tag.  If there were not an H1 tag there, you can see how easily an H tag could be added into the template.

The H1 tag is the primary example here because there is often an immediate question about the fact that H1 tags make the text large and unsightly.  While that is true, with a little bit of CSS, we can fix that problem quite easily.

h1 {
font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
font-size: 18px;
font-weight: bold;
color: #000;

You can see readily how this all works.  In this example, we’ve specified the size, font, weight, and color of the text in the H1 tag.  You can do this inline (right in the HTML of the page) or external (in a CSS file).

Don’t have proper ALT tags on your product images?  The page has already called the product and category data to be used as titles and in the breadcrumb navigation.  Why not use it in the ALT tag as well?  alt=”ProdName.”  See how easy that is?

Understanding the way these variables work will allow you to communicate with your web developers much more intelligently.  Speaking the same language as your developers will reduce friction and help you speed through your projects in a fraction of the time that it used to require.

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