Here in Las Vegas again at PubCon and in a session focused on building links to your website. As you may know links are an important component to get better search engine rankings. However the basics of links, and how they are valued is continuously changing and it is important to you as a business owner, agency or SEO to keep up on what works.

Great Tips I learned on Links:

Internal On-Page Links – Footer the same on every page means Google will not give a larger ranking for those links in your site.  Get random from page to page on your footer and play up the changes in anchor text. Footerlinks are almost borderline detrimental. They used to help a ton, not so much anymore.

Unique Content – need to have this on every page of your site. This is almost a no brainier.

Spread the Juice! – Make sure that you place inbound links to various pages of your site. Different categories, different pages should get links from other sites. Not everything should just be your homepage. Need a suggestion? Follow the layout of a newspaper. Not everyone wants the homepage of the latest breaking news. There are different sections and even one for “sports.” That makes sense and speak to specific audiences that all want “news”, just some want specific news.

Link building is ongoing – You know your competitors and it is important to watch the ones that are beating you. Now reverse engineer your competitors backlinking strategy. Use tools for this analysis like Majestic SEO 0r the SEO Toolbar

Blog Reviews – Buying blog reviews and links can cause a cycle that has a short term advantage and also a long term problem.

Value of Neighbor Links – make sure that were you get links from have relevant neighbor links. If you are an online store for Holiday Wrapping Paper and get links from sites that place you in the sidebar with camping gear, long-term health insurance and car wax, then you need to consider that those neighbors may be de-valuing your link juice effectiveness.

Spread the love – focus on keywords but don’t sell yourself short on just 5, 10 or 15 keywords for anchortext in backlinks.

Need to know your backlinks or competitors backlinks? Go to Yahoo! and type in the search bar “”

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