Yes indeed, whether it’s web developers, licensed contractors, electronics, or an ugly wrinkly dog, that famous phrase still stands true, “You get what you pay for”. Recently I was in the market for one of those fancy newfangled big TV’s. I had done my research, knew exactly what I wanted, knew exactly what my price range was for what I wanted, etc etc. When I told my fiancee that I was looking to spend between X and Y dollars, I thought she was going to have a coronary, or at the very least a mild stroke.

So I had to take the time to explain, you get what you pay for. Like Dean said in a previous post long ago, “Pretty costs extra, Lady”. It’s true, sure I could have went to Costco and got a great TV for 600 bucks, but A. it would have most likely had terrible quality parts in it, no warranty, the picture would have been not much greater than my 27″ tube TV, and it would have broken down 56 minutes after the warranty expired. So I busted the bank, and got something of high quality.

So why am I blabbering about my new TV? Cuz I like it, that’s why! But really, the same applies to the business we’re in. There are plenty of people out there (both locally and in far far away lands) that will do the “same work” we do for a fraction of the cost. But…you get what you pay for. I encourage you to go find somebody that will build you an eCommerce site for $800. Once you give them their final payment, and your site breaks 10 minutes later and they’re out buying a Costco TV and can’t be bothered to answer your calls, or fix your site, then you’ll call us.

Why? Because we’re good at what we do. We’re quality. We’re trademark. We’re the Cadillac of Web Development, Online marketing, and all the other things that we do a fantastic job at.

No, really, we are. Recently a small Mom & Pop company with a big online business came to us because they were unhappy with their current web development company. Why did they decide to go with this other company in the first place? Because they were cheap. Why did they decide to leave them? Because their work reflected their price. Why did they decide to come to TM? Because we do what we do, and we are what we are. We answered numerous phone calls at 11pm and beyond on a Friday night, working until the wee hours of the morning, to get everything with their site situated so that they can begin to improve their business with our help.

So, I’ll ask you, do you want a no-name Costco TV, or do you want a Sharp Aquos? If you want the Sharp Aquos, click here and ask why Trademark is better than most

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Posted on October 24, 2008 at 4:09 pm

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