If you are an email marketer who is always making mistakes, you probably fit into one of these areas.

  • You are inexperienced and really don’t know any better.
  • You know what to do, but don’t have the time or resources to do what is right.
  • You may constantly have human and technical errors.
  • You ignore your common sense or the best ways to do things; you may also succumb to pressure from superiors and aggressive goals.

People who are new to the email marketing game can find education anywhere. There are seminars, articles to read, conferences to attend, and many other things to do to get information on the subject. If they don’t learn new things, they aren’t making the effort to. Many marketers battle the second point; they have too many things to do and don’t get their items done the right way, they just want to complete them. We all make mistakes, whether human or technical. Many of these mistakes can be erased. The last area of marketers in the group is probably the worst. People use bad communication practices every day to try to get prospects to open their emails. Here are many ways that email marketers make mistakes or just commit to bad email manners.

  • They don’t use a ’from’ name in the sender line, it only has their email address.
  • The email opt in is hidden on their website.
  • There are exclamation points in the subject line.
  • There is no welcome email.
  • They don’t ask people whether they would like the basic text or html version of the email.
  • There is no preference center.
  • There are way too many required fields in the opt-in forms.
  • They don’t clean up their lists often.
  • Bad links are used.
  • There are typos.
  • There are outdated images or they are wrong.
  • The test message is sent to the whole list.
  • The placeholder subject line isn’t changed to the real one.
  • Email receivers are sent to the wrong web page.
  • The marketers get email addresses off the Internet and add them to their list.
  • It is hard to unsubscribe to the mailers.
  • Emails are shared with other vendors without subscribers knowing.
  • Preferences are disregarded.
  • Lists are bought.
  • They switch ESPs often to get out of being labeled a bad sender.

If you feel that you fall in to this group or are working with a compnay that does any of the above contact us and we will be able to provide some insight and better email practices.

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