Most of the staff spends a ton of time online all day. That is what we do. Sifting through sites on various topics about web design, tons of SEO channels and of course- we “tweet” all day long too.

In the midst of doing some surfing and research our Project Manager, Dean, found a site that discussed the new Trademark website design and the misuse of text and images in CSS. He clearly called us out and posted information that was inaccurate.

The misinformation and a public humiliation of Dean’s development pride was way too much to handle. However I was proud on how Dean took to the review and how he “pleasantly” corrected the Valid Website Design expert.

Have a look at “Text Menu with Style”– it’s a great review and an example of the dedication and type of work TM can develop for your next website project in a web or mobile browser. 8)

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