Your site’s links are becoming more important than ever as the SEO world continues to grow in both depth and competition. However, the most detrimental thing you can do to your site is to haphazardly choose links that direct traffic in and out of your site.

The name of the game is Rank. You want to rank higher on the search engines in order to snuff your competition. A higher rank means that a user might click your website first, winning a new customer and preventing traffic to your competition. Now, how do search engines determine the order of rank? That’s where links come into play.

The more links that go to your website, and the more relevant links that your website has, the higher your rate your website will receive. Other factors are important, such as keywords, but for now we’re going to focus on what kind of links you need to have and to link to in order to increase your rankings in search engines.

Any old link simply will not do. In fact, an accumulation of irrelevant links can negatively affect your page rank as well. Search engine spiders that crawl your website will easily spot such links and then demote your ranking position.  You need links that are relevant to the topic and content of your site.

So choosing your links is incredibly important. You should find sites that fit into the realm of your website. No longer is it enough to exchange reciprocal links with any old site. You need to link into and out of sites that will improve your ranking. The key to achieving this is relevance. Do your links go to pages that fit in with your topic? Do you have an array of relevant pages that link into your site? If the answer to these questions is no, then you have a serious problem in the world of search engine rankings.

Gone are the days when buying a number of cheap links was all you needed to obtain ranks in the search engines. These days, you need the right link for the right rank—a sometimes time consuming effort. However, when executed properly, proves to be a truly good investment.

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