Since the growth of online social media, there has been a large pattern of growth in the use of it.  The bookmarking method; where users of the social media sites tag and present items they believe their friend may enjoy, has been the vehicle in which many social media sites have really found success.  This prolonged success has brought about the need to produce many kinds of marketing exclusively for social bookmarking.

A big obstacle in using social bookmarking for a marketing device is picking websites that will be best utilized for the purposes you desire.  Every property of social media has a different audience, different material it focuses on, and features that are different from the next site.  To assist you in deciding which social media site may be the best for you, we will go over some of the most popular ones.

Digg This is probably the most famous social bookmarking site.  Digg is good at sending traffic to other websites, but the large amounts of visitors to the sites don’t last for long.  They are estimated to have 8.5 million unique visitors every month, and they have a mostly male audience.  Many of their visitors are in the 18-24 age range with an income of $30,000-$60,000.  Lists, interesting photos, and interesting corporate happenings do well on Digg.

StumbleUpon Presently, StumbleUpon is the fastest growing social bookmarking website.  It’s very entertaining and assists you to find user-submitted content that would never be possible on a standard search engine.  Their member base is over 3.6 million and they are estimated to have 1 million unique visitors every month.  Toolbar activity is probably a lot higher.  There are just a bit more male users than female, and the 45-54 age group is the most active in the site.  People who have a household income over $100,000 are more likely to use this site.  StumbleUpon is unique because it brings repeated jolts of traffic to your site over time, and the more people who stumble on your page and give it a good rating, the better your site will do. This site is one of the older sites, and has been bought by Yahoo!  This site accommodates older audiences and is a bit more business-related.  There are mostly male visitors on, and most users are between 35-64 years of age.  People who have an income lower than $30,000 make up the largest piece; the next largest is the $60,000-$100,000 range.  Their estimated number for unique visitors per month is 2.7 million. They have also just added a bookmarks extension for Mozilla Firefox. now allows users to access their bookmarks through the browser and through their site.

This is also very popular, and it has a mostly male audience.  Ages 35-44 and 45-54 are the most active on Reddit.  Incomes vary between $0-$30,000 to $60,000-$100,000.  Reddit has almost 1 million unique visitors per month.  The subjects that do well are corporate news, environmental news, and political stories.  It is similar to Digg because lists and entertainment stories are popular.

Are the social bookmarking services suited for SEM strategies?
It is undecided how social bookmarking can be put into a good strategy.  There are a few main ways it can be done.  Each way can be added to the best SEO practices and made to produce an effective ROI. Experts in social bookmarking can take these methods and use them to improve the ROI, as well as maintaining the ethical and effective methods.

Brand Marketing Getting plenty of exposure for your products, brands, and services is always good.  This method involves developing bookmarks across all levels of social bookmarking sites to build brand awareness and search engine saturation.  This usually is attractive to small business owners and large corporations because it is affordable and it’s very effective when promoting products/services.  It also uses a combination of SEO and non-SEO-friendly sites to get better brand awareness, traffic, and links.

Is there a certain method that will work for branding?  The main method is to make plans for many pages in your site to be available to be bookmarked.  This way, all links won’t go to just one URL.  Putting a large amount of social bookmarking links along a network of websites will produce saturation and buzz for your campaign.

Community Leveraging
The main goal with this method is building up links naturally by using social media as a vehicle. You are just adding social bookmarks in a certain area, you are developing a profile to try and develop content for the targeted social bookmarking community and build upon your profile.  You will then be able to enthrall the other community members.  You can make contacts and community members can be persuaded to bookmark your URL.  Then you will get more exposure and it will eventually lead to inbound links, getting you traffic and link popularity.

This is a regular occurrence; some content is produced with a specific bookmarking site in mind.  The URL gets submitted to a site like Digg and leveraged to grab front page exposure.  This will attract traffic, exposure, and inbound links to your site and do it naturally.  This method will take a lot of time and work to have success, and be ethical.  If this method is not done the right way you could get your site banned from the social bookmarking site.

Link Development This method is common with Internet marketers and SEOs because it will produce quality inbound links to your internal pages, home page, sitemap, and other areas.  These links let spiders crawl through your pages fast and efficiently, give link value, and let the SERPs fill up with your site’s pages.  This method is great for a site that only needs links for SEO goals.  If you look through the social bookmarking sites, you can find which ones are SEO friendly or redirected.   You will get good preparation when you create a list of your accounts at social bookmarking sites that are SEO and non-SEO-friendly.

You should make sure every account is in good standing and optimize your bookmark pages so they will be crawled and indexed better.  Space them out so the links appear more natural for the search engines and links from every part of the site will get attention.

This section of online marketing and SEO is so appealing because it is new.  In the future there could be automated scripts to do this work, but social bookmarking will probably be done by hand.  You have more control when things are done by a person.  If you use a structured approach to the three methods above, your social bookmarking endeavors can be realized without the chance of losing creativity in how the methods will be reached.

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