When is the last time you received an email sent you that said this: “Submit your website to 1,000 search engines for $49”?!@# Think it’s true? It may be true but the fact of the matter is that it’s a waste of time and will probably do you little to no good for rankings.

If you wanted to submit your site to all the search engines, it would take you a very long time since there are so many of them. There are other people who will do them for you, as you may have seen businesses who state they will submit your site to many search engines for a fee.

You should know that a lot of these search engines aren’t used often and will not bring much traffic to your site. You can pretty much count on your fingers the search engines that are bringing you traffic. The search engines that bring you the most traffic will probably be Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Ask, and Altavista.

What would be the big deal if you submitted your site to these search engines? It really isn’t something that needs to be done. When search engines crawl the Internet every few weeks to look for new sites to index. When they crawl, they begin in one site that has plenty of outbound links, like a directory. Then they will follow the links they come across and index all the pages they go to. When a page is indexed, they follow the links on that page and this process keeps going until there is nothing else to follow. The point is that inbound links are important to have a search engine ranking and they are important to search engines. If the search engine can’t get to your site by crawling the Internet, it means your site doesn’t contain inbound links. If this is the case, you are not going to have even a mediocre search engine ranking, so why do you need to spend the time and money to register.

If you don’t have any incoming links or need to get some more, you do have hope. You can have a site that is listed in the Yahoo! directory or an open directory, and search engines will be able to find you in a few months.

There are many directories your site can get listed in other than those two. Search for web directory, and the ones with the highest rankings should be able to get you lots of traffic if you get listed.

You could also go to webmaster forums; here you can enter your web address and get comments from other webmasters on what you need to do to improve your site.

Sometimes it could take around two months to get listed in the directories. If you can’t wait, and you need some traffic, you will probably need to submit your site to a program where you pay a fee to get some higher rankings.

Truly optimizing your site well can take a very long time. You can achieve success if you can put the keywords in the right areas and develop an excellent site with original content that other sites will want to link to.

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