Considering joining the market for Pay Per Clicks? Well before you get started, you should know some quick tips that will help you hit the ground running. Keep in mind this isn’t an end all be all article- it’s simply some quick basic information to help begin your Pay Per Click endeavors.

1)    Research keywords
Luckily, Google provides a free Keyword Tool that lets you find out which keywords are at the top of competition. A click’s value is based on the competitiveness of the keyword, so choose wisely.  Be creative; you might even find that less competitive words can be turned around for your use in targeting a specific consumer group.

2)    Organize your ad groups
Make an effort to keep your ad groups organized. Separate them by keyword and create functional, related groups in which to put them. Use these groups to create targeted ads. By creating ads with grouped key words, you’ll end up with a higher search engine ranking based on quality. This way your words will show up bolded in results, providing the elevated rate that all PPC marketers are searching for.

3)    Go ahead- Be Boastful
This is no time for modestly, so let it all out. Clearly identify reasons why consumers should choose you over the competition.  What makes you better? It’s as good a time as any to brag about your ads and about what makes your words more profitable than the next guy’s. Reel them in by describing your offer with conviction.

4)    Optimize the Destinations
DO NOT use your clicks to send users to your homepage. In the market of internet advertising, online consumers are among the worst of impatient, judgmental clients. Avoid wasting time and money and just send them to optimized landing pages.

5)    Landing on Success
Make sure that your landing pages are not only relevant and optimized, but that they are also the answer to your consumers click. It is important to present landing pages as the right place, just what the consumer was searching for. Take the time to create multiple landing pages of relevant information for specific ad groups and key words. Lacking in this aspect of PPC will surely lead to disaster.

6)    Keep your Ads Honest!
Avoid making a silly mistake. A fundamental direction- do not lie in your ads. Be sure to keep any promises you make, otherwise you’ll be sure to lose business. A dishonest tactic will only damage your reputation. Instead, use genuine advertising to help boost sales. Instead of wasting time with lies, use that time to make you stand apart from your competition.

7)    Negative Keywords have a Positive Effect
Using Google’s new Negative Keyword Tool, you can find negative keywords for your ads. What on earth are these you ask? Well negative keywords are words for which you do not want your ads to display. Using negative keywords will surely open another door of business for your landing pages. Sum it all up for increased conversion rates.

8)    Give it a Run Through
Test your ads! This simple action helps you figure out what you need to do to increase the rate of your ads. Use A/B split tests to figure out what little detail will work to optimize your click-through rates.

9)    Chill out on CTRs
High click through rates are not the deciding factor in maintaining your PPC business. You must focus on this business as a whole in order to ensure longevity and continuous success. So follow the above steps and create good landing pages to keep your clicks relevant. Work on putting in the effort to maintain a good business and you will be sure to receive a profitable return.

10)     Don’t Limit Yourself
The best competitor is the he or she who considers every possibility. So don’t limit yourself to the big dogs (Google). Of course you have to use the obvious advertising venues, but don’t ignore the other outlets which could prove to be quite profitable.

If you ever feel overwhelmed and need some help don’t be afraid to reach out and ask. TM has Google & Yahoo! certified search engine marketing experts on staff. There are SEM packages available to fit any budget and consulting packages for you and your team. Contact TM online.

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Great site here with plenty of good information. Going to bookmark and come back frequently, I am sure.

Posted on December 16, 2009 at 2:20 pm

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