Website linkers have often used a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” policy with reciprocal linking, or a “link exchange.”  However, if you fail to invest time in knowing what sort of outward links are on your page, you could be headed for exile in the world of search engine rankings.

Links are incredibly important when trying to increase, or sculpt your  Google PageRank. The more links that point to your page, the better the grade you receive with Search Engine Spiders that crawl your page for rank determination. In the frenzy of trying to obtain as many links as possible, people sometimes fail to realize the importance of relevance.

Rely on Relevance
The pages that link into or out of your page must be relevant for the type of website you have. Those little spiders are pretty clever. Increase the amount of relevant links and you will surely increase your ranks. It is also crucial to be aware that bad links can lead to bad news. If your page links to websites of lesser value and no relevance, you’re asking for trouble. Your page rank can be demoted and you will surely reap no success in the search engines.

Reciprocate Carefully
Reciprocal linking is by no means forbidden. Just be sure that you are careful in choosing what kind of sites you are linking into and out of. Your site will benefit most if you reciprocal link with a site that is ranked higher than you, and of course, one that fits in with the nature of your page. Better yet if you link with an authority page.

No One-ways
Make certain to avoid filling your page with one way outward links. One way outward links are similar to a vote for the opposing team. Your page gets no benefit in the ranking system while the pages you link to increase their ratings. If you one way link to a relevant site it might mean that the page takes a step ahead of you in the search engines. Remember, you want your page to get as far up in those rankings as possible.

Build Links with Dignity
Link building is a crucial aspect of the SEO world.  However, it isn’t just a matter of numbers anymore. It is imperative that you take the time and care to research your links. Provide reciprocal links with websites of relevance and build up your incoming links to optimize your page for search engine rankings. Put in the time and effort to really benefit from the links on your page. Sometimes short cuts can work, but be aware that they can also tend to lead you astray.

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