SEO copywriting is different from marketing copywriting; you need to do many things in order for it to get the results you desire.  Use these suggestions when doing any SEO copy writing if you want the content to make a positive difference for your site.

First figure out what the objective of your copy will be.  Do you want to get more brand awareness, would you like to increase traffic, or do you need to raise your conversion rate?  Determine this before doing anything else. Remember that relevancy for keywords and phrases should be worked in to your copy for brand terms.

Determine what terms people are searching for that are in your target market.  Use keyword tools and other means to achieve this. Wordtracker, and are great resources. Also try Google trends.

Study your target audience; know the demographic information, what they like and dislike, and what kinds of products they buy.  You need to do this to help you write content that will interest them.

Start studying your competitors who are doing well and have the same target audience.  This way you will know designs and other elements that work well. Do a “” in Yahoo and see the sites that are linking to them. What keywords in anchor text are they using?

Display your information so you get the attention of your target audience. Be genuine and talk to your audience in a normal way. Remove the sales pitch. It may sound good to the director of marketing but your customers will read through that jargon.

Make sure your navigation is easy to follow and keywords are used in the URLs and anchors texts. Let people use your site. Allow them to just “do”.

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