Forever in a day, TM employees in SEO are looking for ways to achieve positive search results for relative keyword phrases. Mainly all focus is on Google since they yield the most traffic. While this is somewhat true it does not necessarily mean that the traffic you will receive from a result will convert.

See, I don’t believe that the total algorithm of Google is correct, and there are many ways to work around, or “fool” their search results a bit. Let me explain….

Here is an example of a post that I did while on business this past week. TM has been courted to provide some SEO for a major resort in the Baja, Mexico. So in a simple post talking about “Prospecting SEO Business in Los Cabos, Mexico” we are now found for a simple, relative keyword phrase for “SEO” and “Los Cabos, Mexico”

Check the listings yourself “SEO Los Cabos, Mexico“.

#1 out of 150,000+ results is not astonishing but it proves a point. This is a point that I always tell all of our customers. Just Blog it.

Blog a few times a week and give Google and other search engine new food to munch on (they eat content!). The more you blog, and the more you pay attention to your “keywords” in relation to your product and services, and which ones gain  search engine ranking- then which ones gain search engine ranking that yield converted traffic to your site- then those that convert in to a lead on your site…. you get the point.

The more you blog the better. Find a way in some shape or form to bring the article post back to your business and services and you will feed the search engines the food they crave.

In the end it will help you more and more each time you blog.

One response to “SEO Can Be Misleading when Blogging

Posted by Eric

We need to try to rank for SEO San Diego, CA. I volunteer myself to bite the bullet and take a trip there to make sure we get the correct relevant content.

In other news, either I’m using an outdated google server, or we got pushed, because seo los cabos mexico returns nothing for us, while it did for me last night. seo los cabos however, the TM homepage is #6, which aint too terrible, and proves the power of RSS feeds.

Posted on August 23, 2008 at 10:40 am

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