Sometimes the most difficult question someone can ask you about your business is to describe in depth- “What do you do?” This should be easy, shouldn’t it? The fact of the matter is that oftentimes, business executives have a tough time conveying in the right words the real meat of their business.

As a website company, sometimes getting information about a business that has hired us is like pulling teeth. Rather than an up to date summary of the gist of the business, we get old, outdated brochures and blurry photos and icons. Luckily for such businesses, times are changing and there are website companies like us that can really help turn the look and feel of a company into a fresh and exciting advertisement.

But we can’t do it alone. Oh yes, we can create an eloquent way to express what you tell us. We can add graphics and Photoshop pictures to make it all look good. But eventually, we need you. We need your company to help us get to the root of what you do. What makes your company a step above the competition? Why should anyone even purchase your product? The best company to work with is the one who has a self evident understanding of its role in the market. Your company must have the confidence to be able to state exactly what it does and be able to justify why you do it better.

So consider this…

What do you do?
That’s right, what does your company really do? Can you describe it enough so that a website company will be able to turn what you said into a flurry of words that really describe the heart and soul of your business? If not, you should. Not only for the success of your site, but for the success of your business in general. For how can we make any steps forward if we are unaware of whom we really are? How’s that for philosophical…

Vary your Advertisement
Is your company really utilizing all options to get exposure? Some businesses make the mistake of assuming that hiring an SEO company is more than enough for advertisement. However there are many other things you can do to attract new clients. Such methods include a Myspace page for more exposure, keeping a blog, or creating new promotions.

You should also be sure to keep track of your webpage statistics. A high rank on a search engine is meaningless if you are not obtaining high conversion rates. How many of your visitors become customers? How long does a typical user stay at your page, and what are you doing to make sure they come back for another visit?

Be Unique
Each company has some sort of story; something of interest that is unique to the specific company and its employees. Help your webmaster convey the story successfully by providing details, photos, and an extensive history. Customers respond positively when they feel they can relate to a company. Use this tendency for compassion to your advantage by creating a good feel about your business.

Be sure to tell’em…

1.    Why is your product beneficial?   –  How can your product help your target market? Describe in detail the benefits of your product. What it does, how it can help, and why they should buy it.

2.    That you stand out   –  Does something really make your product and company different? If so, say it! Help your webmaster say it with flair by going into detail. If you don’t really have a unique product, think about ways to sell it that is different from your competition. You want to stand out in the minds of your prospective clients, so that they think of you first.

3.    An interesting story   –  Be able to deliver your story or help your webmaster craft it so it is exciting and fun to read. You want customers to identify with you as much as possible. Create a personal relationship by really putting yourself out there- explain how and why you got into the business.

4.    With some integrity!   –  You must have the confidence to state the purpose of your business boldly. Don’t be afraid to brag a little bit. You’re proud of what you do and how you’ve accomplished it, so be sure to convey that message loud and clear.

5.    Who you’re targeting   –  Be sure you let your webmaster know about your target audience. Who are you specifically advertising to? Who is most likely to be interested in purchasing your product? If you don’t know, you better figure it out! Targeting a specific group of people is one of the best ways to get the most out of your marketing dollars. So focus your message to tailor the needs and mindset of your target audience.

6.    That you can take it   –  You must be ready to really put yourself and your company on the line. Be confident, be bold, and be willing to really stand up for what you do. If you’re not going to back your company, then who else will?

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