My father, a woodworker and freelance carpenter, has a common saying whenever approaching a new job, “Pretty costs extra lady.”  While we at TM certainly believe in “Value Added” and coloring outside of the lines for our client’s projects, there is a common tendency by the clientele in our industry to want more than they can afford or to be amazed by the cost when they want to build the next/better MySpace or Craigslist.  We have seen and heard many great ideas come through our doors from prospective clients, but we have (seriously) heard potential clients approach us with comments such as “I want to build something like MySpace and if you do the work, I’ll make you my partner.” or “I want to build something like Craigslist, but only for jobs!  I’ve got $500.”

It seems in most every business, maybe even yours, people always want something more than they can afford or think that the value of the item isn’t worth the price it will cost them.  Obviously, this isn’t true of all products and services.  People generally know how much they will be paying for the new car they want, how much a 2 liter of Faygo costs (it’s a Detroit thing), or what they would expect to pay their attorneys per hour, and perhaps that’s where our type of business differs.

The internet, still relatively in its infancy, is still new to many people.  When developing a new website, there is a lot to consider, and much more work involved than most people will ever realize (a story for another time).  It’s important that when deciding that you want a website that you approach it as a new business venture, complete with a business plan, a great drive to succeed and work hard, and of course some start up capital.  You should look at TM as your business partner and advisor for you new business, because that’s how we look at each of our clients, as our partner.

On that note, let’s look at some of the things that you will want to consider and plan for before approaching Trademark to build your successful online presence. Hopefully, this series of articles will bring up many questions in your mind, write them down, and feel free to contact us when you’re ready to discuss them.  As the articles are written, you will be able to access them via the links below for each post.

1.) Planning your New Online Business (Think on it some):

a. Also see Eric’s Post on this topic, You Get What You Pay For

2.) Developing a Business Plan (Put it on paper):

3.) Determining a Budget (You get what you pay for):

4.) Project Discovery and Planning (Let’s have coffee and chat):

5.) The Process (Masterminds at work. How you can help, and what to expect):

6.) Getting People in the Door (Advertising your new business and rotating “product”):

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