The Internet has given companies the ability to have affordable, personalized, and efficient communication with users all over the world.  One thing that is so special about the Internet is the way businesses communicate to customers and the marketing methods they use can be evaluated quickly and changed to have the best results. There will always be advancements in the way people communicate online, but there are some trends marketers have used that are quite successful.

Emails to customers for marketing purposes are improving and there are many new methods being used in them.  Sites have even started sending emails to people who left their shopping cart, in an attempt to get them to finish shopping.  People will also send out emails to customers with different search terms if they haven’t found anything.  Over a third of the people who get these emails will bite when it is done correctly.

Email marketers need to know about other things besides email that will offer relevant messaging.  RSS is a great alternative because people will get promotions and other content sent to them through a personal RSS delivery platform.  Many people aren’t exactly sure what RSS is, even if they use it.  It is becoming more popular and more advertisers are using it, so watch for it to expand.

Desktop applications and instant messengers are substitutes for email that you can download.  They are also good for marketing and selling items.  Consumers can download these applications and use them to find out about sales or other things going on.  This method is great for marketers because it is easily passed to friends.

Mobile communication has become very big the past few years.  If you want to have some influence, you will have the get the user’s permission.  You can do this by encouraging them to get mobile messages by television or the Internet.  To be successful, you need to let people know your messages are worth getting; people won’t want to be disturbed over worthless information.

Marketing online has changed with an increase of performance-based pricing options.  This deals with cost per lead, cost per click, and cost per action.  There are many different items available inside several methods, like the expansion of quality co-registration and cost per lead systems, affiliate programs, and shopping aggregators.  Marketers need to think about all of these elements.

Another online marketing trend deals with multi-channel marketing coordination.  This is when people get messages from a variety of media.  It can include: mobile phones, radio, TV, Internet, print, direct mail, and outdoor.  You can use these programs to reach consumers, and you can use several of them at once.  The main thing is that one unit is in charge of coordinating the different agencies and personnel to make this happen.  When you can coordinate and track statistics, as well as evaluate the brand and the amount of money needed with the different marketing channels, you can reach the perfect mixture for success.
Marketers have begun to experiment with fresh ways search engines can be used.  An example of this can be pay per call, when marketers pay search engines only when shoppers call them on the phone.  There is also an increase of Search that is priced based on cost per acquisition.  If you want to be successful when testing these new methods, you need to target people across many platforms.  You should do this to know what means of communication prospects are using and where they like to see advertisements.

Many marketers and advertisers have found success promoting in sites where there is user-generated content and people are chatting with each other.  Blog sites, chat room, and other places consumers communicate may be the places where they are the most willing to look at relevant promotions.  These communities are enjoyed because the people have the control.  Marketers can be successful when they promote brands by giving out relevant information and offer people the chance to comment on products or what they would like to see.

Another marketing trend is advertising through a DVR or Tivo.  This concept is still in its beginning stages, and it allows people to respond to ads through their menu screens.  This type of marketing can be expensive, only because the returns aren’t very high, but if a product appeals to the masses it can be quite successful.

There has been an increase of video advertising, rich media advertising, and broadband advertising.  Over half of the Internet users in the United States use a broadband connection, and this allows them to interact with rich media.  Showing videos, getting customer data, and making a purchase inside an ad need to be thought about when developing plans for ad campaigns.  Rich media also has an advantage, in that it improves reporting and learning by tracking elements to help you optimize your marketing campaigns.

More trends that are sure to come are behavioral marketing, re-targeting, and personalized messaging.  Behavioral targeting is offered to advertisers on networks, so the amount of people reached can be larger.  Behavioral ads are located on pages that don’t need to be related to the subject matter and are uncluttered.  You can target a consumer by what they just searched for, visitor, and buying patterns instead of targeting them only on demographics.
Retargeting lets promoters have detailed messages sent to consumers who abandon sites, shopping carts, or forms.  Marketers are finding good information and success by using retargeting to have more dialogues with prospects.
Personalized messaging deals with online display ads which are linked to the internal databases of the promoters.  These ads will identify consumers and then send personal messages to them through the ad.

Using gaming in online marketing is also becoming very popular.  A game can be created for a brand, or the brand can be placed in the game somewhere.  Video games can reach people that may have been hard to reach in the past.  Video game advertising will only continue to prosper as measuring demographics, reach, frequency, duration, and engagement in games becomes common practice.
Internet marketers can have a great advantage if they use promotions and interactive devices on their sites that allow browsing, product information, and re-contact registration.  Having quizzes or polls can help get more sales.  Broadband can be used to display videos that contain demonstrations for products and services; these will provide interest for consumers and get them to purchase.

One of the most radical trends is the increase of automated tools that let promoters optimize websites.  Multivariate optimization tools will test every variable on a page in every combination.  This kind of testing used to take months, and now it only takes a couple of weeks. When this kind of tool is used, you can increase your conversion rate by over 10%.

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Posted by Prz

I feel For any type of business, it is the customers who provide the life and blood. For you said right “trends marketers have used that are quite successful.Emails to customers for marketing purposes are improving” But the customers keep the company going, what you say? I mean multilingual SEO begins with our own knowledge regarding what interests the clientèles, what they most of the times search for, and what they are likely to find in an online website. I think for a business person who seeks to bring business closer to a global audience, then multilingual SEO is definitely the right thing to opt for.

Posted on September 30, 2008 at 11:59 am

Posted by DZ

Correct, and multilingual SEO needs to be considered int he beginning of any online marketing program.

Posted on September 30, 2008 at 12:46 pm

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