So after picking on Dwight for months about his obsession with Twitter, I’ve sold out and gotten one.  I have to admit, I’m kind of addicted to it now.

So in playing with my new Twitter account I started looking for desktop apps to quickly update my twitter.  The problem that I faced is that I already have at least four different programs open at all times to keep track of both my personal and professional life.  I really didn’t want another one.

I tried a few Firefox plugins for Twitter since I always have Firefox open anyway, but wasn’t satisfied with the results.  And then….I found Digsby!

Not only does Digsby handle my twitter account, it handles all of my IM clients (Yahoo, AIM, etc), my Gmail and Yahoo Mail, my POP3 corporate mail, my MySpace and my Facebook account, all in one spot and with one program.

I’ve always used pidgin for my instant messenger program.  I still love pidgin.  BUT, Digsby is just as effective and handles more in the same small space.

What does this mean to me and to anyone else in the “attached to my computer, getting things done, more, faster world”?  It means that instead of needing my Outlook open for my email, Pidgin for my Instant Messenger, and either having multiple tabs open in Firefox for my personal stuff (Gmail, Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook) or checking them incessantly throughout the day….I now have everything, plus Twitter, all in one spot and in one program.  It checks all my accounts for me regularly and allows me to just hover over the service in my little IM window to see what’s crackin!

Oh, and when a new something happens like an IM, you get a cute little pop up in the corner of your screen that notifies you and let’s you quickly respond to a message without having to open another window.  Just one of many cool features…

It’s not often that I promote other software or services, so there’s probably something to it.  You can check it out and download it at Check it out and let me know what you think.

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