Cyber criminals have moved on from hacking and putting viruses in spam; they are now developing new ways to jeopardize data security.

Every business needs to be informed of the new data security threats. IT reports from this year show that web browsing gives cyber criminals a chance to take control of a business’ website by placing malware on the site.

There are around 6,000 web pages that get viruses each day.  These reports also states that wireless network and other wireless devices are very susceptible to hackers.These wireless systems are just another area for hackers to enter and plant a virus or get classified information.

If your business has a security breach, there could be fines and civil damages filed for the violation of privacy laws. Your business should be doing everything it can to prevent viruses and hackers so this does not occur and cost you thousands of dollars. The use of firewalls and efficient security policies will help to lessen the risk of that happening.

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