Connecting with your customers can be complex, so how does one capture clicks on their ads? Trademark offers the following basic principals to help navigate and utilize Social Media Networking:

  • Identity: expand your extended business card with who you are and where you can be found. Your about us page or MySpace profile states all of these. Use another service such as LinkedIn, Naymz, or SuperGlu to expand your rech naturally.
  • Association-Based Interaction: This is your customers’ opportunity to associate themselves with you and you with your customers. Obviously, this is accomplished by becoming “Friends” on MySpace, you and your customers’ BlogRoll, or through their social bookmarking. Make it easy for your customers to bookmark your site, blog posts, etc with their favorite tool. Use Digg,, StumbleUpon or Furl.
  • User-Initiated Conversation: This is your users’ opportunity to create their own declarations or questions, and your opportunity to respond. Cater to them. Here, you serve your customers. Use Yahoo, or Google
  • Provider-Initiated Conversation: What do your customers think, feel, love and hate about your product? Ask them. Present yourself, but do so respectfully. As much as it’s an opportunity for them to tell you what they love and hate about your product, it’s also their choice whether to do so or not. Be kind. Be respectful. Appreciate their time. Use MySpace, BeBo and Friendster.
  • In-Person Conversation: You engage them online, why not in person? This is where relationships are built and authentic traditional verbal conversation is created with so much more input, feedback, collaboration and communication. Get out there. Meet your customers. Let them interact with other customers. Build your community. Use MeetUp, BarCamp & Eventful to organize social meetings.

Social Media Marketing & Social Media Consulting Services

Trademark Productions has the knowledge and continuously keeps up on the latest and greatest social media networking tactics. Social media networks are a great way to establish backlinks and increase your search engine rankings as well. Call 248-582-9210 or contact us online to learn more about Social Media Services. Trademark works with businesses large and small all over the country.

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