Google hosted an online “Tricks n Treats” session with presentations from Googlers, with question-answering time too using Google moderator.  Matt Cutts was there of course, and John Mueller, Kaspar Szymanski, as well as other notable Googlers.

Google Q&A SessionIt was an informative session and I’ll highlight what I believe was interesting. They covered topics such as the new 404 solution, and “SEO myths”, they also talked about personalization and answered a whole bunch of interesting questions from attendees. Listen up- these are also tips to help you with your online business, website or blog.

TAKE NOTE: Valid code of your website is suggested. They quoted again that only 5% of the code online was actually valid.  Browsers get used to it but valid code will serve you well as it will be more efficient on mobile devices and across browsers. If you need help with your code- contact TM.

Spiders: To stop your site being indexed, you should use a robots meta tag with a no-index directive.  Nofollow on the other hand is just a request. This does not mean that any bot will honor it.  They said that you shouldn’t disallow their search engine spiders, let them crawl and index your website, but they won’t index it if you told them not to in the correct way.  The same goes for Adobe Acrobat PDF’s.

No Body, No Crime. It was reinforced:  you really shouldn’t put anything that you don’t want found on the web, it is after all a public domain.

Text Links, Back Links: They are important and a high value in determining rankings. Remember, cheap and spammy links from those yucky directories will get you nowhere.  Acquire links from a very well respected website,  blog or news site.

Duplicate Content: Be unique please. Duplicate content has never been penalized, but there is a risk of it not being indexed.

DMOZ: A few weeks ago they took the bit about submitting your site to DMOZ and the Yahoo directory out of the guidelines.  In Google groups, John Mueller said that they weren’t devaluing these links, they just don’t feel that they need to recommend it.  During the Trick and treats event they said that DMOZ was really useful.

Blog: if your blog is cool (or if not, and you want it to get indexed faster) make sure to link to it from your site.

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