Phew! Since Google Chrome is actually based on WebKit, the same open source browser engine that Apple’s Safari web browser uses.So if you build your website and check against Safari your in luck. If not, you need to download and start checking if your website views with problems in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome BrowserSo far the Google Chrome browser is getting mixed reviews. It appears that more non-corporate users are giving a thumbs up. I like it because it has seamless integrations with Google Desktop, Calendar, GMail and Docs.

Now with the October release of the Google Phone (or is it “gPhone”?) with T-Mobile, running the Google Android OS will also have seamless integration with online Google Apps too. Once you add a new contact to your gPhone your Gmail account will also have the same contact. Pretty cool sync eh?

Rumor has it that within a few years, Google aims to release its own Operating System. This could be some serious competition for Microsoft and hopefully ( in my opinion) convert users from Internet Explorer to Chrome. (Yes, we still hate IE 6.0 and you’d be surprised how many people use it!)

And last but not least, our worry is that Chrome transmits “information” to Big Brother Google. So take a “watch out” on this one.

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