Obtaining customer trust is a crucial aspect of online marketing.  In order to build good faith in your website’s product and accountability, you need a mixture of consistent branding, pleasing design, and clear content.  Together, these components work to create an atmosphere in which the prospective buyer feels comfortable to make purchases with private information.

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Clearly convey your brand

The brand of your website is equitable to the essence of your business. Your company’s brand should clearly convey the idea and feel of what you offer. It should be consistent throughout your web pages, providing the buyer with a distinct impression of the idea for which your company stands.

Effective branding impacts the customer instantaneously. The prospective buyer should be able to immediately identify the product of service offered by your company. By hitting the customer quickly and directly, there is no confusion as to what it is you are advertising. This allows the customer to quickly decipher the purpose of your website and whether or not they have found what they were searching for.  This type of direct attitude of your site helps avoid creating consumer suspicions. A trustworthy environment is perceived in that the customer does not have to filter through your site to understand what your business is all about.

Design with Consideration
The design of your website should be carefully crafted with distinct consideration. After all, the look of your site creates an immediate impression with your clients. Therefore a pleasing design is certainly a necessity. It is important that your website has a professional, finished look—so as to ensure your customers that your business is verifiable.

After making certain that your site conveys an established business, the next step is to properly design the site for easy viewing and navigation. Customers want to find what they are looking for, and fast. Therefore it is important that your site can be clearly followed to the punch line of your services. The ability for clients to purchase your products should be obviously marked on every page. Too much clutter or a confusing design will certainly steer customers away from your business.

Remember to maintain your company’s branding throughout all pages of the site.  A consistent look reminds the customer that you have a clear, purposeful business they can trust.

Credible Content
The content of your site is yet another avenue in which to build customer trust. Professional, easy to understand content provides the client with a sense of security in your business.

Customers are most uneasy when providing a website with personal, financial information.  Be sure to clearly identify the precautions your company takes in order to ensure your customer’s privacy. Display security certification seals such as Verisign, Hackersafe, and Thawte.  Such seals reinforce the measures your company takes in order to be sure that private, confidential information remains secure.  Place such seals on your website in a purposeful manner. Be sure they are visible in places such as checkout areas.

Obtain Trust
Impressionable branding, good design, and clear content are each important factors that help to build customer trust online. Combine these things and you will be sure to create a safe, worry free environment for your customers.

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