• Guaranteeing a particular #1 ranking in a particular search engine. Search engine ranking algorithms are proprietary and complex. SEO professionals have no basis for guaranteeing a specific keyword performance.
  • At best, software submissions do nothing for premium positions. At worst, they can get your site banned from the search engines.
  • Stuffing keywords for SEO in Meta Tags within a website or a web page.
  • Creating dorway pages made to redirect traffic to your website pages.
  • Tricky 301 & 302 redirects.
  • Links from a bad neighborhoods.

There are so many to list- many worked a few years ago and are simply so light in relevance today to helping your search engine rankings.

Some of my favorite are: (and I’m not implying that I once did these either!)

  • Invisible text. This is now a huge “red light” to Google.
  • Horde PageRank: This is one of my favorites and let’s me know that this is a seo newbie but thinks-he-is-good-at-seo.  Page rank is not a factor anymore. Establishing, and reinforcing, site relevance is a huge factor in your search engine rankings. Establish this by linking to pages and websites that are relevant to yours. (and make the links to relevant content!)
  • Duplicate Content. Nuff said?
  • Session ID’s on your URL’s (website address bar page/file name) (please-rewrite it already!!)
  • FLASH sites. Search engine spiders cannot read in to FLASH files yet- kinda sorta. There are some ways… But just remember- Put some sprinkles on your ice cream, don’t sprinkle ice cream on bowl of sprinkles!
  • Inline JavaScript – get clean and call it in with a simple line.

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