It’s hard for many people to adjust to change and a large amount of those people just don’t like change. And the people who are surprised by change are just fooling themselves because the one thing that will always remain constant is change.

There are CEOs of large advertising companies who are extremely out of sync. The reason they are so out of sync is because only a small amount of a client’s budget was dedicated to the Internet. These agencies aren’t taking the time out to realize that much of their client’s target market goes on the Internet; they aren’t even tracking demographics and using them for advertising help. It is crucial to always looks at the client’s objectives, the target market, and the media used by that market to best determine how to advertise. In some cases, it would be necessary to spend half of an advertising budget all on the Internet.

People should not be afraid to change the way they do business; they should be afraid to lose their business, which could happen if there is no change. It is tough for agencies to create Internet advertisements when all they have ever created is television ads. Many people who are knowledgeable about Internet advertising have gone to businesses dedicated to that specialty. What are the agencies supposed to do in this case?

An agency can fire some people and hire in Internet savvy workers or they can search for a media buy that needs that skill set, not matter how effective it is. An example of this is cinema advertising. It will take less time to develop and keep people creatively happy. On the Internet, advertising is much more in-depth. You need to find the right sites, optimize your advertising, and keep tracking and changing things.

Media has changed and so has the content. With all these changes, the agencies will have to change too.

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