Data is your most valuable tool when running marketing campaigns or a business that is affected by its web presence. If you’re getting good traffic but no results, or can’t properly measure the ROI of your web marketing costs, then getting your Analytics squared away is where you should start!

Without accurate data you can’t understand the effects of all your marketing efforts on your bottom line. We understand the importance of having accessible, clean data to make informed decisions about your campaigns. That’s why we ensure that Google Analytics is properly installed and configured, Search Console accounts are setup, and any other third party software integrations needed to make the right decisions for your business.

Google Analytics

Properly setting up Goals, Events & Filters provides deep insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

We’re Google Analytics Certified – we know exactly how to get the most out of the platform.

For every new site that we build, we install and configure Google Analytics to start collecting website data on each marketing channel. We also make sure the proper filters are set up and not blocking any important user activity. Then, we create Events and Goals to track your most valuable user actions.

If your site already has Google Analytics, but it isn’t properly configured, it’s possible you still could be missing out on valuable info. We run Google Analytics audits to pinpoint any issues hindering your data collection and reporting, and then can provide you with an estimate for proper integration and setup.

If you have a website and can’t tell where your sales or leads are coming from, you’re doing it wrong. You should know that you spent “x” and got “y”, and if you can’t, you need to contact us. Unless you’re cool with wasting money, then you should probably call someone else that will be happy to help you spend it. We don’t get down like that.

Google Analytics Review & Setup:

  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Ecommerce & Goal Conversion Tracking
  • Custom Reports
  • Events & Advanced Goal Implementation
  • Spam Exclusion

Google Tag Manager

Focus on marketing without worrying about analytics implementation

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows marketers, business owners & employees to easily update their website analytics without having any website development knowledge or waiting for a developer to make the needed changes. Easily add tags to anything you want to track on your site.

GTM also integrates with third party tags like Facebook, AdWords, and many others, so that you can manage all of your tags in one spot.

We can implement Google Tag Manager on your site and train you to efficiently use the platform. We can also manage your analytics platforms so that you can focus on your business.