One might ask, how do things stay the same then?

Well, an easy way to conceptualize this is a series of peaks and valleys. There will always be ‘the next big’ thing, the next ‘must have’ platform, trick or tactic. As one can imagine, riding a roller coaster can be fun for a brief period but is no way to govern a business or market a product. When we sat down to ponder this internal rebranding, we reflected long and hard about these two realities; the fluidity of the web development and Internet Marketing space and, basically, the nature of doing business today. On the one hand, we move in the digital space and we’re early adopters, so we embrace all that technology offers – and we have for well over a decade. On the other hand, basic tried and true business practices still guide us.

We asked ourselves on numerous occasions – how do we illustrate our capabilities and avant garde approach while still relaying that we’re not a fly by night operation? We’ve always taken a pragmatic approach; just because there is some shiny new toy doesn’t mean it makes sense for everyone.

We vetted countless ideas then a light of sorts went off – what embodies innovation but is still timeless?

The good ol’ train has been around for hundreds of years and despite major advancements in transportation, it still moves people and commerce around the globe. A train, quite simply, is a sign of forward progress. Despite having its roots in yesteryear, it is still a modern marvel. We feel your website and online presence is no different. Just like the train, there are multiple parts to make your website function efficiently and properly move it around the web. In many ways, our approach and process is similar to the timeless train. We don’t ride fads, spit jargon or apply quick fixes. Instead, we blend the best of time honored business practices with the latest and greatest technology. The result? Just like the sturdy train rolling down the tracks, we continuously move your business forward online.

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