Well hello there! I'm

Tyler Fraser

Creative Director

Tyler manages production here at TM, making sure that quality standards are met with each project, workflow efficiency is top notch, and that new ideas are generated to improve our work as a whole every day. He’s passionate about providing a visual eye for good design and helping to keep our aesthetic output even more top-notch then our team already makes it.


  • 7 years of Web Design & Project Management experience
  • Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design, Central Michigan University
  • Specializes in UX Design, Print Design, Brand Development, HTML & CSS
In another life I was a…
Humanoid of some sort in an era where the stars were the limit, not just the sky. Many of things we look at today as science fiction were not fiction at all, but reality. I’M CONVINCED.
List 2 funny or weird facts about yourself.
1. I collect the shit out of legos and they never get old to me. 2. I’m a Creative Director + Graphic Designer, but I can’t draw or illustrate. My dad forgot to pass that gene on to me, so I rely on tools and on conceptual prowess to help me succeed in this path I’ve chosen.
Would you rather be: 1) A lion 2) A shark.
Mufasa > Jaws. And by that I mean, Mufasa had a hell of a pride. I mean, c’mon, Simba as your son? Jaws must be lonely as shit out in that ocean, being all mean and murderous and stuff.