Well hello there! I'm

Sarah Goodlaxson-Wellein

Digital Marketing

Sarah oversees the creation, implementation, and tracking of TMs marketing strategy, as well as that of our clients. She loves connecting with brands in order to come up with the most creative marketing solutions and maximize their social media campaigns. She loves writing, content creation, keeping budgets organized and working with her team. Sarah also works in SEO and PPC Management. While each of Sarah’s job duties keeps her engaged and extremely happy every day, the real reason she gets up every morning is to sip a delicious cup o’ joe and collaborate with her team!


  • Specializes in Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Brand Development & Digital Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration - Marketing, Wayne State University
  • Google Partner Certifications: AdWords Fundamentals, Search, Display
What’s something that most people might not know about you?
While living in Nassau, Bahamas I swam with sharks over the wreckage of a ship. We had no protective gear - only a snorkel, mask, and fins. I did this not once, but twice.
What are you hobbies?
I compete in Olympic Weightlifting. I love to travel, run trail races or half marathons, do acro yoga, and am a lover of all things outdoors! I also play the piano and violin.
Favorite superhero?
Jean Grey. Specifically, the version in love with Wolverine, not Cyclops. She’s a Class 5 mutant with both telepathy and telekinesis. She died twice and came back again in the 2016 film, X-Men Apocalypse. Multiple lives, hello!