Well hello there! I'm

Robert Long



  • 1+ years of website development
  • A decade of sales and marketing experience
  • Favorite responsibility: fixing or developing things I have no idea how to implement
Robert Long | TM Developer
In another life, I was a…
Market Manager, Music Producer, running an Online eCommerce store, or anything that interested me at the moment. When something interests me, I will devote a lot of time into learning all aspects of it and then try to implement what I’ve learned.
What’s your favorite food?
When I lived in Los Angeles, I was introduced to Carne Asada Fries and absolutely loved them. Every time I go back to LA, I go to this small shack where I get a large plate of fries and horchata to finish it off.
Would you rather: Travel to another universe or live in Fiji for the rest of your life?
As much as I would like to travel to another universe, I would probably pick Fiji over the unknown. It leads to many questions such as is their life in this universe? If there is, can it be sustained? To be more specific I wouldn’t want to travel to an empty universe, I have all I need here on Earth in Fiji.