Well hello there! I'm

Natalie Tackett

Digital Marketing Specialist

Natalie manages multiple social media accounts, helps to maintain the websites of our clients, and brings new and exciting ideas to our marketing team.


  • 5 years of Marketing and Communications experience
  • Bachelor of Applied Science, Communications
  • Associates of Applied Science, Graphic Design
  • Specializes in social media, website management, and creative strategy
Natalie Tackett
Who would you most like to switch places with for a day (could be anyone — a celebrity or an animal!)?
I would switch places with my dog. Not because I would want to be him, but because I am curious what he would do in MY body if he was a person.
What is your go-to karaoke song?
Picture by Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow (I do both parts)
Get trapped inside a of Mario Party and have to win the game to get out or live out the plot of the Jumanji movie?
Jumanji would be too risky and seems like a lot of work, whereas Mario Pary would be very fun and I know for a fact I would win any mini-game you put me in.