Well hello there! I'm

Miranda Rysdorp

Project Manager

Miranda sets the tone for the agency by maintaining relationships and communicating updates to our clients. She also assists our project manager with resource coordination, project intake and keeping timelines on track. As the maternal figure of the team, Miranda brings a special energy to TM.


  • 5 years of Project Management experience
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts, Public Relations & Advertising, Central Michigan University
  • Specializes in client communication, team management, and problem-solving.
Miranda Rysdorp
Favorite book?
What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions​. I come up with the most obscure questions that no one can answer and usually have to rely on the internet to answer them. The questions in this book remind me of things I would ask.
If you could be an animal, which would it be and why?
My family always says I should be a cat. I really enjoy my naps...
List a funny fact about yourself.
I am really quirky...like REALLY quirky. I'm filled with useless, random facts, and have a personality that fills a room. I enjoy making people laugh and know how to have a good time. Want to know why penguins can't fly? Or what pteronophobia is? Ask me!