Well hello there! I'm

Mark Williamson


Mark breathes life into static websites, ensures the experience is equal for all web users, and makes sure the design matches the final product.


  • 20 years of development experience
  • 10 years of design experience
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Sculpture, Wayne State University
  • Specializes in breathing life into static websites, ensuring ADA compliance, and ensuring the design is carried through into the final website.
Mark Williamson – Cropped
Would you rather travel to another universe or live in Fiji for the rest of your life?
I would rather travel to another universe. I've lived in the Keys and have been to Japan and Hawaii – a long life on a small island would drive me nuts!
What's something that most people might not know about you?
I was functionally homeless for almost a year.
What's your biggest pet peeve?
I am most irritated by people who put dreamcatchers in their cars...unless they're sleeping in their car, in which case they need every dream they can get!