Well hello there! I'm

Greg Harris


As a member of the development team, Greg works closely with the creative team to ensure that each website meets our high TM standards. Greg also assists the TM team across all stages of development, including the auditing, maintenance, and updating of our existing portfolio. He loves managing and manipulating the styling of pages, creating dynamic effects from user-triggered events, and working with the template hierarchy of CMS systems.


  • 16 years of coding experience
Greg Harris Cropped - New
What are your hobbies?
Although strange to some, but not to those who are passionate about what they do, my career is also my hobby. I love to code! I also enjoy swimming, cycling, basketball, soccer, camping, cooking, dining, and live music- in no particular order.
What’s something that most people might not know about you?
I was a sniper in the USMC.
What is a weird fact about you?
I like to speak with different accents. Fun times include calling customer service, answering the front door to a salesman, or speaking strangely when ordering food.