Well hello there! I'm

Greg Harris

General Manager

Greg brings a unique work history and skill set to Trademark Productions as its General Manager. Greg's past success as a business owner led him to assist other entrepreneurs as they set up standard operating procedures (SOPs), marketing plans, websites, CRMs, and other IT-related items. Greg began his career at Trademark Productions as a full-stack developer, however, his entrepreneurial spirit and vision for growth saw him advance to his position as the General Manager. Today, he focuses on continually improving internal processes and communication across the company’s departments, while assisting the owner and other key staff members in bringing new growth and opportunity to the company.


  • 16 years of coding experience
Greg Harris Cropped - New
What are your hobbies?
Although strange to some, but not to those who are passionate about what they do, my career is also my hobby. I love to code! I also enjoy swimming, cycling, basketball, soccer, camping, cooking, dining, and live music- in no particular order.
What’s something that most people might not know about you?
I was a sniper in the USMC.
What is a weird fact about you?
I like to speak with different accents. Fun times include calling customer service, answering the front door to a salesman, or speaking strangely when ordering food.