Well hello there! I'm

Brian Danowski


Brian is involves in all things engineering and development here at Trademark Productions, including writing code, managing server administration, estimating projects, and all things in between.


  • 11 years of website development experience
  • Started in computer science in 2009
  • Finds procuring and installing SSL certifications very relaxing
Brian Danowski | TM Developer
Would you rather: Be a tiny elephant with a top hat. Be stuck as AntMan (the tiny version).
This turns out to be the hardest question for me to answer. At first I said that I have to go with AntMan because he has super strength (answering the question based on power level), but it turns out that I can not resist the charm of the tiny elephant with a top hat. Therefore I chose the tiny elephant with the top hat because his charm is irresistible (final answer).
Do you have a significant other? Kids?
My wife Rachel, and kids Avi (boy) 5 and Rhea (girl) 3.
List 2 funny or weird facts about yourself.
As a child I reinstalled Windows on my computer so many times that I still remember my product registration code for Windows XP Professional OEM (DF4XT QMBGT F7D49 Q667F C3YWY) I can eat and drink really fast