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Who isn’t a social media expert these days?  Umm.  Very few, actually.  The ease with which you can register social media pages has created a false sense of bravado.  True, anyone with an email address can populate a few fields and – presto – you have a social media page.  This is probably the only easy part.  Believe it or not, there is a strategy and science behind creating and maintaining your social media presence.

For a social media campaign to be effective you need to be engaged on a daily basis, which requires a time investment.  This is common pitfall number one, incidentally.  Creating good content is not enough – you need consistency in publishing.  You need to listen to what your Fans and Followers are saying.  And you need to artfully strike a balance between pushing your brand (e.g. hard sell), communicating attributes about your brand (e.g. soft sell) and sharing interests that will resonate with your target audience.

Common pitfall number two, social media management is entrusted to anyone who has a spare five minutes to post a vanilla comment to Facebook.  Wrong.  Consider how much money is spent to craft a message for a traditional print advertising campaign.  In the same vein, you need to carefully consider your message, your tone and your social media ‘personality.’  When you factor how quickly things can socially spread – both positive and negative – it doesn’t seem like a wise idea to leave your company exposed.

We didn’t mean to scare you; we’re really nice people! Ready to socialize? Contact us to discuss your audience and options.

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